The following is a list of presentations I have given or plan to give at various conferences.

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iOS Apps for the 4 Cs

San Gabriel Valley CUE- Coffee Break

This is a special 3 hour workshop I am giving for the San Gabriel Valley CUE Coffee Break session on March 8, 2014.  In this workshop I will share with you how I have used iPods and iPads in my classroom to enhance student engagement while providing my students opportunities to utilize critical 21st century skills: create, collaborate, communicate, and to think critically. I will explain the critical difference between skill review apps and creative apps and share with your the SAMR model of technology integration. Don’t expect to just come home with a list full of great apps. Expect to play, practice, and create just the way you would want your students to learn. Bring your iPad or iPod and get ready to get hands on with some powerful creative apps.

iOS Apps for the 4 Cs

Learn how to use iOS apps to help your students innovate with the 4 Cs: create, collaborate, communicate, and think critically. I will share with you the critical difference between a creative app and a skill review app. In addition, we will take a look into the SAMR model and you will learn how to reach for the redefinition level of technology integration. Learn how to teach your students to use their device to get creative! Visit my blog post about this presentation here.

San Diego CUE Tech Fair, November 2, 2013

Collaborative Google Slam Session

These sessions are not run by me, but rather I have been part of a panel of Google Certified teachers who have a set amount of time to share their latest and greatest Google Tips.

San Gabriel Valley CUE, October 19, 2013- Presented about Mystery Location Calls with Google Hangouts

San Diego CUE, November 2, 2013- Presented about using the app extension Color Pic Eyedropper to find hex codes to create custom colors to annotate an image in Google draw. Then I showed how you can make these images links or buttons on your website to spice up the design of your Google site.


Connecting Classrooms: Mystery Location Calls

Learn how to connect your students with classrooms from around the world via Skype or Google Hangouts. This is a game based connection where students ask yes/no type of questions in order to try and figure out where the other class is located in the world. Students practice the art of deductive thinking while refining their geography skills. Learn how to make this powerful learning opportunity happen in your classroom.

Presentation given/to be given at:

EduSlam Session, August 2013: Watch it here.

Inspiring Idea Slam at Google Teacher Academy, Chicago July 2013

Edcamp HOME, July 2013: Watch it here.

Twitter is a Teacher Superpower!

Do you have Twitter Power? Most of you think of Twitter as just another social media time suck. Well I am here to profess to you that Twitter is a powerful tool for educators, like yourself. I will share with you how Twitter has transformed my teaching and provided me with connections to like-minded educators. Join me (@AppEducationFox) to learn about the power of the hashtag, how to participate in live Twitter edchats, and much, much more. I tweet, what is your superpower! Link to my blog post about this topic.

Presentation given/to be given at:

San Diego CUE Tech Fair, November 2, 2013

San Gabriel Valley CUE Tech Fair, October 19, 2013

Web Tools Wednesday, San Diego County Office of Education, July 17, 2013

EdTech2U, March 2013

App Differently: Use Apps to Create!

This was not a formal session, but rather a collaborate Edcamp Style presentation where teachers shared app ideas for apps that can be used to enhance the 4 Cs: create, collaborate, communicate, and think critically. Link to my blog post about this session.

Edcamp Los Angeles, January 2013

It’s Not What App You Use, It’s How You Use It

Learn about educationally sound apps that are worthy of your students’ time. Understand the difference between ‘creative apps’ versus ‘skill review’ apps. Encourage those essential 21st Century skills: collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking. Come away with a list of apps that are sure to get your students to think creatively. Link to my blog post about this presentation.

Presentation given/to be given at:

San Diego CUE: November, 2012

California State University, San Marcos Credential Students: March, 2013

Lilac School Staff Meeting, February 2013

Write On: iPods and iPads During Writing

Are you looking for ideas to integrate iPods and iPads into your writing block? In this session, you will learn about effective apps and resources that will inspire your students to write! Link to my blog post about this presentation. 

Presentation given/to be given at:

San Diego CUE: November, 2012

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