How to Be a Coach to an Already Awesome Staff


IMG_7243This is my new job title. Coach. Yet my new staff, who I am privileged to work with, is already absolutely amazing!  As a new school we had the opportunity to build a solid creative, innovative, and inspiring teaching staff. I mean really… they are going to be teaching me so much!

So here is my dilemma… how do I coach an already awesome staff?

First of all, in a perfect world I’d change my job title to “Collaborator.” Because that feels right. Rather than “coaching” my colleagues, I’d rather sit alongside and plan, collaborate, create, and innovate with them. I think we would both benefit from this type of scenario. I believe we are better when we work together.

So here is how I plan on approaching my new position:

  1. I’ll be a listener.
  2. I’ll work alongside and inside the classroom.
  3. I’ll work directly with students.
  4. I’ll collaborate.
  5. I’ll do research.
  6. I’ll document and share my learning.

Anything else I should add?

How do you I suggest I “coach” an already amazing staff?



  1. Dena :) says

    Great list, Jo-Ann and very exciting adventure!! The only thing that comes to mind (that you’re already so good at) is highlighting or showcasing the “eduawesomeness” of other staff/happenings around the site. I know I can’t wait to hear more!

  2. says

    Hi Jo-Ann,

    This is a clear idea on how to coach another teacher. I’m sure you’ve helped other teachers to flip their class. I would love to hear if you have any experience like that. Do you think you would have 15 min to chat about it?

    My email is (I’m one of the founders of EDpuzzle, but I promise I won’t sell you anything, I’m just trying to learn).

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