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iTunes Store Link: Vintagio (iPhone, iPod, and iPad) $1.99

If you love creating movies with your students, the Vintagio app is just the app  to spice up your movie making with your students. This is an incredible creative app that guides you to make amazing silent films in just minutes. This a great tool to liven up dull video clips, too.

The app is free for a limited time in honor of Charlie Chaplin’s 123 birthday. There is an option to purchase the “Pro Mode” (in app purchase) or you can work in the standard mode. I went ahead and purchased the Pro Mode and I now have many more options to work with.

Before you film you can personalize your settings. You can choose your film effect, quality, soundtrack options, and video time scale (quicker speed gives the film the authentic silent film effect). If you purchase the Pro Mode, you have more selections within each menu plus you are able to create your movie in a timeline.

Standard Mode

Pro Mode (Notice the Timeline difference)

 Once you have personalized your video options, you can begin creating your movie. You can pull video from your camera roll or take footage with the app. Without the in app purchase you can only film video as one clip. You can’t edit the clip length, add title screens, still images, and transitions without the in app purchase unless you purchase the Pro Mode.

When you have created your movie and rendered it, you can choose to upload to YouTube, Facebook, email it, or save it to your camera roll.

This app is simple to use and very intuitive. If your students have been able to master the use of iMovie or Splice, they will have no problem with this app (as it is even easier to use).

Here is a sample of a quick film I made of my husband downloading this app. You will notice I used the “Pro Mode” (in app purchase). This film is the 20’s movie effect, normal quality, with Plucky Daisy soundtrack, and 1.5x video speed.

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How to use this in your classroom?

    • Create a film demonstrating students making the “right” choices on the playground
    • Create a film demonstrating steps you took to solve a problem in math
    • Create a film re-enacting a scene from literature
    • Create a film demonstrating the steps in a science experience
    • Create a “how to” film
    • Pose a question with a title screen and have students explain their answer via silent film
    • Use Silent Film Director as a option for students to show what they know in project based learning activities.

Feel free to share other ideas to effectively use this app to keep your students thinking creatively.

This app was formally know as Silent Film Director and has changed in a recent update.

Old Image:

New Image:

-Jo-Ann Fox


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